UFO Sighting Chronology 1939-1945; The WWII Years &

I have always liked Science Fictions and the study of the planets, astronomy, and extra-terrestrial life forms. There have been many documented UFO Sighting Chronology, even from as far back as 1939-1945 during the World Wars, and now pilots and other "sworn to secrecy" personnel are coming forward with their stories to tell. After the threats to be incarcerated have passed, many pilots on their "death bed" from old age are "getting things off their chests" and have many strange stories to tell. The stories range from unexplained lights and impossible aerial maneuvers to conspiracies and crashed spaceships and international cover-ups. I have even read articles recently indicating that this year (2015) is a concentrated effort from the "powers that be" to start a methodical release of information regarding visitors from space over the regions of China and Japan. The information is patchy at best, but includes some gripping photos of mechanical parts not of this earth - embedded into rocks on the moon, along with clearly man-made foundations that exist on the other side of the moon. There are even reports of Mars having unexplained rock formations, and there are claims there are pyramids built on Mars, identical to the ones in Egypt. One photo even shows strange shadows in a human-esque form, but it is clearly not human, more of a hybrid.

There are reports of secret bases over the world, with one in New Mexico being a building that goes 7 levels into the earth, and it is under an agriculture farm so not visible from the surface. It has underground tunnels for shuttles and to transport workers and "guests". In this particular operation the lowest levels 5-7 are all dedicated to cellular regeneration, growing human-other hybrids, a morgue for autopsies and even a place to explore unexplained technology that has been found or "recovered" from crash sites. Now that everyone all over the world has phones that can capture pictures and upload them onto the internet, the amount of UFO encounters on sites like YouTube are immeasurable! Millions of video capturing weird sounds, lights and aerial acts unlike this world has seen. There are endless stories of visitors, or abductions or contact with "others" as well.

The basic stories that I have followed indicate a few different lifeforms that interact with the earth. Some "light beings" that protect us, some "GREYS" which are indifferent to the survival of men, and a strange "shape-shifting" reptilian race whose intent is to enslave mankind.

If you find this interesting and want to read up on some information on your own, I suggest starting with NICAP and reading through some documented visual encounters. See if you an find more info than I have already!


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