Three Classic UFO Conspiracy Theories

Skeptics, it’s time to flock together. This time, we'll give conspiracy theorists a shot. There are a lot of existing conspiracy theories out there – over a hundred of them. One of these is the UFO conspiracy theories. UFO conspiracy theories have become a hit especially to alien fanatics and skeptics. However, the question in here lies in their validity and truthfulness. Evidences have been presented here and there, but would these prove everything? Would this evidence justify if those are real or just a hoax? Anyway, let us not bother with this for now. We will give ourselves much time for it later. Today, I will present to you these three classic UFO conspiracy theories arranged by Mike Rothschild at the Skeptoid website.

Project Blue Beam is one of these classic UFO conspiracy theories. Here’s what believers think: NASA is involved in realizing the New Age religion in cooperation with the Antichrist by starting a New World Order through a technologically-simulated Second Coming. According to Rational Wiki, this allegation was presented by Quebecois journalist and conspiracy theorist Serge Monast in 1994. Rothschild explains, “Project Blue Beam, the NASA name for this heinous plot, will fake an alien invasion and the Rapture through holograms and mind control, while simultaneously destroying all knowledge on earth, capturing children to use as sex slaves and culling the population through execution and medical experimentation.

The Blue Planet Project seconded the list. This is a document that reveals the scientists’ involvement with an Above Top Secret government program. The contents of the documents are: the invisible government facts about aliens on earth, cattle mutilations, the Antarian connection, crop circles phenomena, the Dulce base, some kinds of alien life forms we know about, alien technology, U.S. Government secret technology, alien abductions, inculcation devices and the practice of manipulation of the mind.

Lastly, we have the Project Sigma. Project Sigma is an initiative of the National Security Agency in the early 1950’s. It aims to send communications to the alien species whose spaceship crashed at Roswell. Rothschild reveals, “Project Sigma actually gave birth to the NSA, then facilitated contacted, an exchange of hostages (kidnapped humans for the aliens found at Roswell), and eventually a treaty between the Gray aliens and the Eisenhower administration.”

“They've blown me away! How true are these theories?” To know if this is real or a complete hoax, visit Skeptoid website below and Mike Rothschild will do the rest of the explaining. *winks*

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