The Vimana, Flying Machines From Ancient India

While exploring and researching the many religions of the world, I came across Zoroastrianism, which basically focuses on: “to think good, to speak good, to act good.” Though few know about this religion, it is claimed it is the basis of all of the religions we know today. This is a highly ethical religion focusing on positive and constructive living. Its purpose was to guide humankind and sustain truth (aša) through the active participation of life by allowing humans to freely choose between right and wrong and that good thoughts, good words and good deeds would affect their lives after death.

It was while researching this religion that I came across the Vedas. While researching up on Vedas (ancient texts), I found a reoccuring theme to be flying machines, flying chariots and flying palaces all referred to as Vimanas. Vimanas is pronounced `vimans` in Sanskrit. Vimāna is an ancient word with multiple meanings including: temple, palace and a mythological sort-of flying machine described in ancient Sanskrit epics and Hindu texts. These ancient chariots seem to be anti-gravitational machines that were also weapons (like the Brahma Weapon) and may have been the basis of the nuclear bomb or death rays of today. In the Vedas were graphic descriptions of the mass carnage that is hauntingly similar to the after effects of Hiroshima. Now, I am a bit of a skeptic - but I like to research unusual things and I do so thoroughly. If you have ever read up about the ancient power of the pyramids, or the statues of Easter Island and even are familiar with Zoroastrianism,you should read up a little more on these ancient flying chariots of futuristic technology. Some people even claim they have found one of the machines in Afghanistan, and I will read up on this in the near future. Feel free to make up your own educated opinion of these flying machines from India and click on the link below.

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