The 'Man' ON the Moon? Shadow Resembling An Alien-like Figure Captured Beside Craters On The Lunar Surface

Have you ever wondered if we're not alone in the universe? Looking at this recently captured photograph of a shadow on the moon's surface is enough to make one wonder if little green men are really all that far fetched after all. What appears to be an alien facing us from its right side with large thin limbs striking a very human pose could just be an optical illusion, but it seems we will never know for sure.

There have been alien sightings before, but this one comes from Google Moon and seems entirely authentic and credible. Even though we all know aliens living on the Moon seems unreal, this photo shows what certainly looks a lot like ET. It doesn't stop there, it also is revealed that there was a photo taken recently of a triangular structure on the Moon that looks like an alien base, and no similar anomaly has ever been seen before on any other planet or moon.

One explanation for these images being so realistic is a phenomenon known as pareidolia, which is a psychological term that has to do with the brain putting together images in a way that makes sense and is familiar. In this case what we are seeing could just be a random crater but because it looks very convincingly to be the outline of a rather frightening looking alien, our brain just assumes that it is, in fact, an alien and puts the image together that way.

Personally, I always loved watching X-files growing up and counted it as one of my favourite shows. The idea that we are not alone in the universe resonates with me, and I always agreed with the idea that "we are not alone". For all we know aliens are watching us, and just waiting until we are advanced enough to be able to deal with their existence.

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