The Black Eyed Children

Hereís a thought-provoking subject that we think youíd all be interested to dive into and itís about the black eyed children. What exactly are they and can we all categorize them as demonic entities? Well, we found some answers from this book that has the same title, written by David Weatherly. Not many of us have the knowledge about these rare human beings or alien type of creatures. Some of you may have even read about them just now. But thanks to Weatherly and his book, we are able to get a lot of information about these so-called black eyed children and their real characteristics.

Weatherly's opening statement in his book will give you goose bumps, because he wrote some very creepy descriptions about these people. Whatís great about this book is that aside from it being factual and informative, he wrote it in a very entertaining and unbiased kind of way. It is not just another sci-fi material that only nerds would appreciate, but even those who are not much into it would say itís quite impressive. We meant it when we said the author was unbiased with his delivery and tone, because he didnít disregard other natural factors that could cause a human beingís eyes to be in full black. There is indeed a chance that it could be one of those rare medical conditions. Now, they may be true, but the enigma brought by these childrenís unusual optical appearance cannot be denied. Maybe they are just another one of those legends, hoaxes or tales that people tell to frighten other kids so they would behave. But still you canít ignore the fact that itís a phenomenon.

There are many spine-tingling facts written about these children and if you want to read more about this subject, check out the website ďMysterious Universe" below.

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