She Removed All Of Her Light Switch Covers. What She Replaced Them With Is Brilliant

Even though we flip that switch pretty much every time, we walk into a room sometimes we forget about how great it is to have electricity literally at our fingertips. So as an ode to our electricity, why not show some love to your light switch covers. This has to be one of the the most fun, and easy diys for a home design upgrade. Of course you can purchase light switch plates at home design shop, but they can be pricey which isn't ideal if you have a whole house or apartment of them to change. Then there are diy crafts for home design where you can learn how to paint your light switch plates or even decoupage them with elements that match your home design style. All of these diy ideas are great, but sometimes they come out looking a little less than chic and contemporary. So this is one of the diy crafts for home that will actually look like you paid good money for your light switch covers.

This is one of the fabulous fun and easy diys from Dana of ME, MYSELF & DIY. Dana shares a bunch of awesome diy ideas for home design, as well as some great repurposing diy ideas. So all you need for this project is your existing light switch plates and then some simple frames from the thrift store or dollar store. Just take off all of your light switch plates from your light switches in the rooms you want to revamp. Then, take them with you to different thrift stores and search through the smaller sized picture frames. To find a match for each of the plates, you'll need to hold them up to the frame and size them up which is why you'll want them along for the ride. Once you've found the perfect match to each of the plates, purchase them and them visit your local hardware store and pick up a color of spray paint you like. Back at home, lay out a piece of drop cloth or some newspaper and super glue each of the frames to a light switch cover. Once they've dried, take them outside on the drop cloth and spray them with the spray paint of your choice. For a classic look, you could go with white or cream, for a little bit of bling you could do a metallic paint in silver or copper. Or, if you want a nice bright pop of colour pick a vibrant colour that will match the rest of your home design. Wait for them to dry thoroughly, and then reinstall them onto the wall with their hardware.

Dana has some other fun and easy diys that will update your place in minutes. For example, she wanted a modern update for her kitchen cabinets, and we all know how expensive these can be to replace. They're also really challenging to repaint or refinish in any way. So whats a super easy fix that can be done in no time at all? Just replace all of the hardware with new, modern door pulls. On her blog, Dana shares how she implemented this quick fix by buying some new stainless steel door pulls from Lowes and replacing her old ones with them. The update didn't cost too much and it really modernises her kitchen. They look especially great with her stainless steel appliances. So even if you're not ready to make huge home improvements, or if you rent and can't make huge improvements, these simple diy crafts for home are affordable and simple enough for anyone to do.***

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