Roswell UFO crash: what really happened 67 years ago?

The mysteries of the unknown spark curiosity and intrigue, we want to know the truth. Like the Roswell UFO crash: what really happened 67 years ago? We ask these questions to gain insight into these unknown territories, so that we can understand life more, and the universe we are a part of. Back in 1947 on July 8th, there was a suspicious craft that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico, that has been the topic of many books and papers written over the years since. People can agree on one thing, no matter how different their opinions may be about what really happened. That there was something inconspicuous about this crash.

Many people reported seeing something in the skies, but most were too afraid to come forward with what they actually saw. A nurse even admitted to seeing people examining bodies with large heads and another man had footage of the autopsy, but it seems like he may have been forced to lie and say it was a hoax. There was even a Major, who was one of the first people to stumble upon the crash and said it looked like an alien space craft. He even wrote the book, The Roswell Incident with other people claiming to have seen what he saw.

The government tried to cover it up all along saying that the bodies were test dummies and not real beings at all. That the craft was a weather balloon and it was nothing out of the ordinary. But there have been many people that are trying to get their messages across that they in fact saw something extraordinary and that the government has always just tried to cover it up. There have even been documentaries around this incident, and people really wanting to know the truth about what really happened. But, it seems to be one of those things that we just have to make up our own minds about as individuals. They can make up all the stories they want, but the truth is known beyond what we are told.

There have also been other sightings since this incident and people all over the world see flying space crafts and other things that are out of this world. We would be naive to think that we are the only beings in our entire universe. There are other planets and systems for a reason. People are opening their minds and making their own discernments now, and have really come a long way from believing everything they are told out of fear of punishment. Read the whole story at 'The Week', by following the link in the description below, and decide for yourself.

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