New Twist In Decades Old Alien Autopsy Controversy (Graphic Video)

When making science fiction films about Decades Old Alien Autopsy Controversies, success often rides on a few things.

First, being well-connected helps as knowing someone who can perform a particular service that your film needs like: financial backing, a director/producer, sound and lighting techs, actors/actresses, and film editors. Second, and more importantly, finding a good special FX make-up artist is tricky! If you're unable to find one (and I have only found 2 in the last 6 years), you might have to do what I did, and learn how to do some of the effects yourself by watching excellent techniques used by Oscar-winning special effects makeup artists on Youtube.

Although I am proud at what I have accomplished, I won't say that special effects makeup is "easy to learn" (most of my creations were dreadful and had to be tried a few times to master). This actually is an amazing technique to master and takes years of practice, patience, and incredible talent. However, it can be hard to find people to replicate your vision so you can make do, if you are in a pinch like I was. I took on a DIY learning approach, and watched tutorials and pro techniques then tried them out at home. I was able to re-create some of the effects I wanted and spent more time editing the final product than I wanted, but we were about to complete the film with desired results. I found it hard to describe what my "alien film star" looks like to a person, it is much easier to mock up a drawing or sculpture or provide some imagery via special effects makeup instead. So if you are like me and want to create your own "science fiction masterpiece", don't be afraid to get your hands dirty and learn some professional special effects yourself.

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