Most Expensive Horses in the WORLD?! Amazing! Guess how much it costs?!

Horses are amazing and intelligent animals that have played a role within the human culture for millennia. Not only are they used for leisure activities, and for sport and work, but they also provide entertainment, therapy and products for human consumption. While the initial purchase price of a horse is usually the most affordable aspect of ownership, items such as feed, health care, stabling and equipment costs can quickly add up. But most horse people will say, “What does it matter how much it costs as long as I have my horse?” That is a fair point, but because of the costs associated with purchasing and caring for a horse, many are denied their dream of horse ownership. But what happens when the purchase price of a horse far exceeds any care the animal might require? Sometimes it does, and here are the Most Expensive Horses in the WORLD?! Amazing! Guess how much it costs?!

Coming in at the low end of the Most Expensive Horses in the World list is “Stay Thirsty”, a $500,000 horse that is one of the most powerful derby racers. He is an American Thoroughbred sired by leading stallion Bernardini. He was actually first purchased in 2009 at a yearly auction for $160,000, and his trainer eventually bought him as a two-year-old for $500,000. Stay Thirsty’s maiden race was at Belmont Park in 2010 and he finished a close second and by four years old, he completed his racing career with a win at Grade I Cigar Mile.

The next horse on the list, a Bavarian, Bayern stallion, “Lord Sinclair” takes a huge jump to $1.8 million. He is a beast of a racing horse and is one of the top contenders in Championships. Lord Sinclair, however, is known for his trademark noble dancing movements, excellent movement and exceptional rideability, which he consistently passes to his progeny. Although he won many competitions in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, he is perhaps best noted as a sire with over 20 approved sons. His total stakes equal to just over an impressive $2.7 million.

Jumping ahead a few spots, in the middle of the park, is “Mystic Park” who is known as one of the best horses to ride. Mystic Park is an American Quarter horse from Crown Collection and Stormy Rider. Because this mare has won three popular derbies, the Dickerson Cup, the Dexter Cup, and the Yonkers Trot, she is a desirable girl to own, although owner Lana Lobell might not be willing to sell, not even for $5 million.

You may think $5 million is a lot of cash for a horse, and you’d be right, but if that’s the case, “Seattle Dancer” in the number four slot of Most Expensive Horses in the World, will truly shock you. This beauty, a leading horse in derbies who is renowned for his great speed is one of the most expensive horses and has a worth of $13.5 million. Seattle Dancer was an Irish Thoroughbred, who is actually the most expensive yearly ever to be sold at public auction. In today’s value, Seattle Dancer would have been sold for the equivalent of $28.8 million.

The second most expensive horse in the world is known as “Annihilator”; he is known for his strong running abilities, and he is worth $20 million. But the most expensive horse in the world? The top horse is amazing, and you won’t believe the cost! You have got to check out this American-bred, British-trained Thoroughbred racehorse for yourself.

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