Look at the Tiny Miniture Ponies!

Horses have been living alongside humans for thousands of years, they have been our friends, at times our transportation, and helped us with certain jobs. A "Look at the tiny miniature ponies!,"are cute versions of their larger furry relatives.

These beautiful miniature ponies are bred at Quicksilver Ranch, located in the Santa Ynez Valley, which is just 30 miles north of Santa Barbara, California. The Ranch does not offer petting pens or rides in the cart but you can get up close and personal to these adorable miniature horses. The Santa Ynez Valley Ranch is considered to be the horse breeders Kentucky of the West. You will find some of the finest thoroughbred horses and miniature ponies come from this area.

Aleck and Louise Stripling, are the owners of the Quicksilver Ranch, and they have been breeding miniature horses since 1983. The development of the ranch and the breeding of the miniature horses, has long been the couples dream of these two dedicated enthusiasts, who make it their goal to produce the finest examples of the breed. The couple has shown for many years and have produced many National and high point champions, and only raise a limited number of foals each year. Miniature horses/ponies are known to be remarkably gentle, patient, mild mannered, easy to handle, and can be smaller than some large dogs. The minatures horses make excellent pets and playmates for both young and old alike. Miniature horses can easily be hitched to a cart or wagon and can pull up to ten times their weight. The Quicksilver Ranch breeds for small, well mannered show quality, miniature horses that have good driving ability at affordable prices. You really want to take a look at these beautiful miniature horses.

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