Human Shadow Seen On Mars In Rover Photo, Nasa Source! Jan 2015, Ufo Sighting News.

There is a common phenomenon that occurs as a false perception of an image due to the humans mindset to see patterns in random imagery. As humans, we are predetermined to see patterns and seek out human faces. Therefore, it is normal to see faces in things that cant really be explained. Like seeing shapes in clouds in the sky or seeing objects in art board of scribbles. Generally, this is called pareidolia. There are also occurrences of people seeing religious figures or text, like seeing Jesus on a piece of toast or the word "Allah" in a building. The term of this more spiritual or religious phenomena is called simulacra or as being of "miraculous origin".

In this link below it states: "Human Shadow Seen On Mars In Rover Photo, Nasa Source! Jan 2015, Ufo Sighting News."

In reality, if you have ever seen the Rover they are talking about in the photo you can easily tell that the hand/tool, is the "elbow joint of the rover", and can also see the upper and lower sections of the arm with sunlight shining between them that they are talking about. It doesn`t really look like a man. You can also see the "astronaut's head" is actually the rover tool platform, while the shadows form the "visor". Due to the lack of oxygen and water on Mars, there would be no reason to clean the "dust" off the flat surfaces or solar panels as the dust would not stick. One last thing is the Rover mentioned is called the Curiosity and it is powered by radioisotope thermoelectric generators and not by solar panels. In the past small fans were added to blow or move dust that had settled on the rovers further supporting the fact that there is no need for a man to be servicing the Rover as indicated.

Everyone likes to learn new things, and the links below shows some amazing photos from Nasa that you should check out!

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