Experts chime in on Puerto Rico UFO video

It's not every day you get scientific experts to line up in support behind a possible extraterrestrial video, but that is exactly what happened with regards to this infrared Puerto Rico UFO video that has recently been discovered. What was caught in the infrared camera was an object that was circular in shape, generated more heat than a jet engine, and moved at an incredibly fast speed through trees and other obstacles. It bore every hallmark of a UFO, but the unusual part was that it was taken through a sophisticated infrared camera equipment and that it is recognized as legitimate by the majority of independent experts who commented on it.

One expert, Dave, who works for a company that routinely deals with infrared imaging and who has seen thousands of hours of such videos, commented that it would be nearly impossible to fake the footage, and that the object was very different from most flying objects in that it moved linearly like a projectile and in a straight line. Another expert suggested that it might be a balloon, except that a balloon would most likely rise and fall with the wind and not move in a straight line. Still another expert thought it might be a bird, though as Dave points out birds are not circular heat signatures, since you can see their wings letting off some heat, so it makes no sense at all that a bird would have a circular infrared shape, not to mention it is burning hotter than an airplane engine. Even if the wings were "invisible" due to a lack of heat, they would cover the body and leave gaps on the infrared from blocking it, which did not happen either. Also, it seems highly unlikely that it would be a man-made drone, since it was moving far too fast at night to resemble any current drones out there, although there is the possibility that it is a classified incredibly advanced drone being tested, but that seems unlikely to occur in Puerto Rico and would be considered impossible by most scientists due to how advanced the flight was and how tiny the object was.

Personally, I have always believed that we are not alone in the universe, and that it would be very narrow-minded to assume that the whole vastness of space is completely empty and devoid of life. I have seen for myself what looked like satellites that suddenly changed direction and sped off at top speed in front of my very eyes, and whether these were potentially UFOs or just shooting stars I will never know. One thing that resonates about this footage and article is that if UFOs did exist it would make sense for them to be tiny, that way we would never see them and have a hard time getting proof of their existence Here there is what looks like genuine infrared footage of a tiny craft that is unexplainable by science, and that makes for a very convincing argument that we are not alone in the universe.

Now its time for you to read the article, watch the footage, and ask yourself the question, is this indeed the first scientifically sound and conclusive proof that UFOs do exist, or is it just something that bears a striking resemblance to a UFO that exists but that no one has ever seen before until now?

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