Divers pulled real UFO out of the ocean

Divers pulled real UFO out of the ocean. And the debate continues. It has been an ongoing for many years, do aliens exist? Are they flying to earth and conducting research? Is the government hiding something from us? Have they been around since ancient times? The truth is all these questions are still unanswered. There is evidence for both sides of the argument. So decide for yourself what you believe.

Before cameras, the internet and history books, people used artwork to capture images. There are many pieces of old artwork that depict UFO’s and aliens. From Australian and African cave paintings depicting aliens, to old fresco paintings in churches depicting UFO’s, and medieval tapestries of the Virgin Mary with UFO’s in the background. There is not only artwork depicting the existence of aliens. There are writings that seem to support the theory that aliens do in fact exist. From the lost books of the bible there are writings about alien encounters. Ancient Japanese writings talk about a lighted vessel flying out of the mountains and into the sky. A French Duke of Bourgogne wrote about an object appearing in the sky in his memoirs. Christopher Columbus wrote in his journal about an object falling from the sky into the sea. A newspaper article in Switzerland in the 16th century told of an UFO battle in the sky witnessed by hundred, maybe even thousands of people.

And what about astronauts, what have they seen when exploring space? Both American and Russian scientist claim there are ruins of ancient structures on the moon. There are also claims that in a photo of Buzz Aldrin on the moon, there is a reflection of ruins on the face mask of his helmet. And NASA has classified hundreds of photos taken of the moon. Russian scientist who had conversations with Neil Armstrong claim that he admitted to seeing unidentifiable things.

And of course the most infamous of all UFO sightings is Roswell. The story of the recovery of a UFO and sightings was sent out the US military public information officer. It was published in more than a thousand US newspapers and hundreds of foreign newspapers. On the same day the military issued another press release stating it was a weather balloon.

For more pictures of the UFO being pulled out of the ocean, click on the link below for the ‘Play Buzz’ website. Form you own opinion, do you believe aliens exist?

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