Bison-like Animal Caught On Mars Opportunity Rover Camera, April 2015, UFO Sighting news

So many people still deny the probability of other forms of life and beings existing in the universe. Yet, there are so many things coming out pretty much daily that would prove that extraterrestrial life does exist and has always existed. Take this photo of a Bison-like Animal Caught On Mars Opportunity Rover Camera, April 2015, from UFO Sightings Daily. I will admit, the image is blurry and difficult to see, but that doesn't mean that it couldn't be something. The image in the link is a zoomed in version of the actual image which they provide a link to, which is from the Opportunity Rover Camera from Nasa. It looks like a photo of the desert on earth on a cloudy day, and Mars is supposed to be from what I know about the planet.

It does look like a bison type animal to me, especially when they compare it to the photo of a real earthly bison that we have all seen at one point or another. I think that people have to be pretty narrow minded or just plain afraid if they think that other life seriously does not exist on other planets or elsewhere in the universe. It most likely has existed on these planets and other star systems before and Earth is one of many places where beings such as ourselves have lived. To think we are the more intelligent species in the whole universe speaks volumes of people's actual intelligence. Even some of the greatest scientists and scholars were open to the ideas of life in other areas of the universe and they were not afraid of the unknown, rather, they embraced it, remembering that there is always more to discover in an ever evolving universe.

You check out the photo and decide for yourself. Maybe this one is just a hoax, but you can't deny that there is a possibility. Head over to ‘UFO Sightings Daily ‘ by following the link in the description below for more!

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