Alien UFO Destroys Satellite To Send Warning To Earth, March 1, 2015, UFO Sighting News.

After a US military satellite detected an unexplained “sudden spike in temperature” - it exploded - prompting speculations ranging from the power system may have failed to "Alien UFO Destroys Satellite To Send Warning To Earth". The first company to notice the explosion seen from earth was Celestrak, and it was confirmed to have been lost by the US Air Force: "that the “catastrophic event” came after “a sudden spike in temperature” was detected, followed by “an unrecoverable loss of altitude control”."

The satellite that had been destroyed followed the same orbit around the earth in a "sun synchronous orbit" - which means they flew along the path of north/south poles, with each path taking approx 101 minutes to go around the earth. This means the satellite would get a complete view of the earth two times a day! The altitude of this orbit is around 500 miles in the air. The doomed satellite had been orbiting Earth since 1995 and was the 13th of its mission.

According to the US Air Force when the satellite exploded it sent a debris cloud and dozens of chunks of metal into different orbits. Now we are focusing on a different problem, Space Junk. There are tons of trash in orbit, everything from broken satellites, and spent rocket boosters... "trash-meteoroids" are growing. There is increasing concern that the trash orbiting earth will send dozens of chunks of debris tumbling randomly towards us. Maybe everyone needs to pay a little more attention to the fact that when chunks of metal falls through our atmosphere it becomes fiery like an incoming meteor. As with every satellite crash is a reminder of the actual danger of having too much junk orbiting earth.

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