10 Most Popular Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Conspiracy Theories

The whole world mourned when Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 suddenly went missing just less than an hour after it took off on March 7, 2014. 239 people were presumed to have died from this incident. It resulted to many speculations like the US government being behind it to possible alien abduction. Here are some of the most common conspiracy theories that were made after the government of Malaysia finally declared it was an “accident.”

1. US Military: there are a number of conspiracies involving the US military. Some say that it’s possible that the US military tried shooting the airliner on purpose while others think that the shooting could’ve been an accident. There are also theories stating that they made it to land at a military base in Diego Garcia, an extremely remote island. The US government denied all these allegations being thrown at them regarding the said flight.

2. Terrorist Attack: it is another theory that seems likely to be the cause of this missing plane. A lot of people have also concluded that it’s possible that some group of terrorists crashed it into the open sea. A couple of passengers from that flight boarded using stolen passports and many are convinced that they had something to do with the whole cover up to take down the plane.

3. The Illuminati: in most of the mysteries we are experiencing on earth, this group has always been thought to be behind it, whether it’s a death of a celebrity, a questionable hype of a celebrity to missing planes and aircrafts crashing in the middle of nowhere. According to Wikipedia, Flight MH370 was the 404th plane produced under Boeing 777. Some Reddit user analyzed that it is connected to having a message on your browser saying, “An HTTP404 error means not found,” if you’re searching for something that doesn’t have a landing page. The Illuminati is known for sending cryptic and subliminal messages, so it was assumed that they too had something to do with it.

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