The Honorable Paul Hellyer Confirms Aliens Exist

We are in a time of our evolution as human beings, that more people are beginning to accept the presence of extraterrestrials in our universe. The Honorable Paul Hellyer Confirms Aliens Exist, in this great article from the Mind Unleashed. He also does an interview with Sofia of RT, that you can watch in this link. Paul was the Canadian Minister of National Defense in the 1960′s, and now he is speaking out about the things that he has seen and discovered over the years about extraterrestrials and space crafts. Paul wants full disclosure on this subject and for us to not fear this but to work with them as neighbours.

This is an awesome article and he shares so much, so openly about his experiences seeing UFOs and his research on extraterrestrials. From research I have done myself, I know what he says to be true about these benevolent beings who are more concerned about how we treat our planet and each other, over wanting to cause us any harm of any kind. As he says, there are different races of extraterrestrials, just like we have different races here on earth. The ones that he was the most familiar with were the Pleiadians, which are the ones that I also have known about for a long time as well, they are very benevolent and are just looking out for our own good and the good of all in the universe, since we are all connected. There are also the more commonly portrayed aliens that are the greys. They are the ones we see depicted in out movies as the beings with big heads and big eyes. There are also beings in other plants and star systems like Andromeda, Arcturius and Sirius.

There is so much information that you can research online or else where if you are open enough to receive it. There is a spiritual and universal connection when it comes to our universal kin and we don't need to be afraid of our star brothers and sisters. This article is a must read and listen to his interview at the bottom of the page too!

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